Smart Setup

Aiva's Smart Setup is here to help you set up your campaign. Answer a few simple questions and have the perfect campaign based on your selections.

Step 1: Selecting your campaign objective. Pick Simple Pop-up for basic lead generation, contact forms, discount overlays and more. Multi-step pop ups offer more creative starting points like games, quizzes surveys and more!

Step 2: Pick a Style. Here you can select whether you want an intrusive pop-up or splash page or non-intrusive slide-in or bar.

Step 3: Choose what pages you'd like to display your campaign on. You can change your selection later in the Position settings.

Step 4: Pick who you'd like to show the campaign to. You can also set these up later by selecting the banner at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Confirm your design, watch a tutorial or start building!

Now you're ready to customize your campaign! Check out the Builder Overview for what's next!

Last updated on 14th Jan 2022