Aiva vs Unbounce

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Aiva vs. Unbounce

A third party investigated Aiva and similar apps. Their findings are summarized below:

"Unlike other pop-up apps that offer a free tier, Unbounce has 3 paid-only tiers with varying limitations. The plans offered are very pricey and are not recommended for smaller stores. The platform only offers basic templates with limited interactivity and customization options, as it's focused on landing pages." - New User

Aiva vs. Unbounce Features and Pricing

Features Aiva Unbounce
Pop-Ups Yes Yes
Flyouts Yes Yes
Banners Yes Yes
Bars Yes Yes
Spin to Win Yes No
Lead Capture Yes Yes
Games Yes No
Quizzes Yes No
Surveys Yes No
Landing Pages Yes Yes
Static Coupon Creation Yes No
Dynamic Coupon Creation Yes No
A/B Testing Yes Yes
Multi-Step Popup Yes No
Age Verification Yes No

For the pricing, each subscription offers the same amount of pageviews of 500k.

Essential plan - $0.26/1k viewers Premium plan - $0.52/1k viewers Enterprise plan - $1.31/1k viewers

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Last updated on 14th Jan 2022