Add Discounts to Cart

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Aiva allows you to display special discounts to customers. You can also set actions that will easily allow the customer to apply the discount directly to their cart. This can be done in the Aiva Builder by selecting an element, going to the Set Actions menu, and selecting Add Discount to Cart.

You can customize the discount in many ways:

  1. Discount Label: freely edit the discount label to anything you think is appropriate for your discount. This is the code that will be displayed to the customer.
  2. Discount Type: choose between a standard dollar value discount (example: $5 off), or a percentage discount from the cart total (example: 15% off).
  3. Discount Value: customize the discount amount. This value will work in combination with the Discount Type.

Customers that interact/click on this element on a campaign will automatically have the discount applied to their cart.

Last updated on 14th Jan 2022