Aiva vs Wisepops

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Aiva vs. WisePops

A third party investigated Aiva and similar apps. Their findings are summarized below:

"Users who pay for WisePops should definitely consider Aiva for a better experience. The paid subscriptions lack many features; the most expensive plan hardly unlocks anything. The basic plan doesn't have any perks, with next to no integrations. Comparing the offerings of a paid WisePop user to a free Aiva user, the Aiva user would have a significant advantage with customer interaction and personalization." - New User

Aiva vs. WisePops Features and Pricing

Features Aiva Wisepops
Pop-Ups Yes Yes
Flyouts Yes Yes
Banners Yes Yes
Bars Yes Yes
Spin To Win Yes No
Lead Capture Yes Yes
Games Yes No
Surveys Yes No
Quizzes Yes No
Landing Pages Yes No
Static Coupon Creation Yes No
Dynamic Coupon Creation Yes No
A/B Testing Yes No
Multi-Step Popup Yes No
Age Verification Yes No
Features Aiva Wisepops
Unlimited Free Tier Yes No
Price Per 1,000 Page Views (10k Monthly) $0.38 $0.49
Price Per 1,000 Page Views (200k Monthly) $0.30 $0.35
Price Per 1,000 Page Views (1m+ Monthly) $0.10 $0.20

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Last updated on 14th Jan 2022