Advanced Display Options

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Aiva allows you to take control of your website in awesome ways whenever your overlay launches.

Dim Page

This option allows the background to be dimmed when a campaign is displayed. However, this option is ignored for always on-screen campaigns.

Fill Screen

This option makes the campaign extend horizontally to the full size of the window.

Background Fill

This option makes the campaign background extend to the full size of the window.

Lock Scrolling

This option prevents users from scrolling on your site when the campaign is displayed. IMPORTANT: Enabling lock background can be VERY intrusive. Make sure you add a Cancel/Close Action to an element to allow users to navigate back to your page.

Lock Background

This option restricts the standard Aiva behavior of dismissing overlays once any area outside of the overlay is clicked.

Always on Screen

This option allows users to navigate your page while the campaign remains visible, also allow for additional campaigns to be displayed.

Hide on Desktop

This option stops the campaign from being displayed on desktop devices.

Last updated on 14th Jan 2022