It’s no secret with the current situation at hand, most businesses have seen a fluctuation in sales. While the past 10 years set the landscape, eCommerce growth is skyrocketing right now.

Companies are spending a lot of money digitizing their processes to turn potential customers into loyal buyers. So why not capitalize on this when you are sure your customer is all set to purchase with you? Well, there are a few things brands can do to help improve sales with the customers they already have.

1) Upsell

Why pay $1.69 for a 30 oz soda when you can pay 40 cents more and get a 50 oz one?

Upsell Sodas

As customers, we are always looking to get the most from our money and to get the best deal. That’s why we are always trying to save whenever possible. Upselling has proven to improve cart value by increasing sales and raising margins.

2) Cross-sell

Would you like fries and a drink with your burger for a dollar more?

Cross Sell Burger Soda Fries

Customers are more likely to purchase complementary products when they are suggested, as it takes less effort. Cross-sell is something all businesses do. It’s a very common and proven method. Finding products that complement something I am buying without having to look for it? Sign me up!

Cross Sell Campaign

This makes customers want to purchase more thereby increasing customer experience and leading to more sales.

3) Bundles

Why pay $2.47 for one loaf bread when you can have 3 loaves for $6? In the customer's mind, they are saving, but only if they buy it then and there. When products are group together, customers tend to buy more.

Bundle Campaign

This enables a brand to sell more with the same cost it took to acquire that one customer.


No one likes to be left out of the loop.

Cute owl with FOMO

FOMO or Fear of Missing out is when everyone wants to be on-trend. Therefore when we see limited stock, we need to be one of the first people who buy it. Because how dare my friend have it and I missed out because I was late?

Fomo Campaign

5) Product Recommendation Quiz

Recommended products help customers see what they might want to purchase as per the company’s suggestion. As such, recommendations can be made based on what’s trending or other browsing patterns.

Product Recommendation Campaign

Indie Beauty recommends products after a personalized skin-care quiz which has led to higher product discovery, lower bounce rates and a better customer experience.

Indie Beauty Market

Lowered its bounce rate by 40% with a personalized skin quiz.

6) Look Book

Sometimes when you are browsing for clothes or furniture, you are not sure of what you want and often need inspiration.

Look books are a great way for customers to see what a potential outfit or room could look like without the stress of curating it themselves. These campaigns boost product discovery and customer experience and make sure visitors don’t leave.

Look Book Campaign

7) Games

Games are a fun and interactive way to keep visitors engaged on your eCommerce store for longer.

Scratch and Win Campaign

If the games are well-designed, craft a compelling story and offer something special, customers will be more enthusiastic about giving you their email for a chance to spin the wheel or scratch a card in return for a discount on their purchase.

Spin to Win Campaign

8) Giveaway

Customers love to get free products!

Stick figure excited to open box full of free stuff

As such, they are more likely to give you their email in exchange for a chance to win something. A giveaway helped Oneiric Hockey collect more emails, and those customers ended up being super loyal and led to higher future sales.

9) Informational Messages

Informational messages help display the latest updates, deals and promotions in a subtle way. Lately, we’ve seen brands like Enjoy Life Foods, Squish Candies and Salty Cali use COVID-19 messaging to reassure their visitors with updates on shipping and health protocols.

For example, if a popular limited-time product is finally in-stock, informational messages can help customers be aware of these changes.

Information Message Campaigns

In doing so, it improves customer experience, page views, and overall conversion rate for a website.

10) Feedback

As a company, the brand image you want to portray to your customers is not always the image that they see. That’s why it is important to regularly ask for feedback on how you can improve.

Feedback Campaign

People like to be listened to and heard. They will notice the changes you implement the next time they visit your website. When you listen to your customers, they feel acknowledged and will promote your brand with their inner circle.

These types of creative pop-ups can help accelerate your marketing results in 2020. Start using these engaging campaigns and convert your eCommerce visitors with the help of Aiva today!

Aiva Chameleon Aiva Chameleon Aiva Chameleon

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