8 Ways Brands Use Storytelling On Their Website

“You create amazing content on social media. It delights, entices and biases your fans towards your brand. Ultimately, this leads to sales and business growth.”

However, even though social media has been on a meteoric rise, the revenue generating mechanism, websites, have always lagged behind. Perhaps it was the difficulty of creating compelling experiences that didn’t compromise a brand’s identity, without involving IT. Perhaps it’s never been possible for a marketing team to unleash their creativity online.

With Website Stories, marketing teams can finally design, deploy and test games quizzes, product finders & more, without code. Cool, engaging experiences for Cosmetics, Apparel, Publishing and Sports follow:


Cosmetic companies have the impossible task of differentiating their products from the noise to show that their beauty brand stands above the competition. With Stories, they can combine their flagship products into looks, and then teach visitors how to apply makeup like their models do.

Story 1 - Shop-A-Face

Imagine a world where your visitors no longer had to guess how a highlighter and eyeshadow palette would look together. With Instagram Buy buttons, brands can show off their products within a look on social media, but how do you do that on a website? With a Story of course! Check out how a major makeup brand can create a Story for an interactive shopping experience that looks great and drives more sales.

kylie shop my face

Story 2 - Make-up Tutorial

If you’re looking for a subtle way to educate visitors instead of selling to them, create a Story by connecting parts of a model’s face to a relevant makeup tutorial video. These videos work perfectly across all browsers and devices, so you can focus on creating novel experiences rather than worrying about the complexities which are taken care of behind-the-scenes.

tarte make-up


Apparel brands are amongst the most lucrative in the e-commerce world. With new brands materializing every day, who use Facebook/Instagram Ads to become relevant and start selling overnight; it's becoming integral to create unique shopping experiences that keep users engaged.

Story 3 - Product Finder Quiz

Simplicity is key when it comes to engaging visitors! The longer it takes for website visitors to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they are to leave without buying. You can combat low attention span by showing people the products they’re looking for with a few simple clicks. By letting visitors quickly answer a few questions instead of searching through your website, you’ll reduce bounce rate, increase revenue and deliver a better browsing experience

gymshark product finder

Story 4 - Product Highlights

Products often have a story to tell, just like websites do. With apparel, brands often choose to make videos to show off their product’s capabilities. However, videos are often longer than they should be, hidden away on the website and don’t get the screen time they deserve (especially after all of the time and money spent on creating them). With a product highlights Story, marketers can easily show off their best features, allow visitors to interact with the ones they care about most and instantly watch a video (or section of one) that will let them see the product in action.

snugglebugz product highlights


Sports are awesome! Sports websites - not so much. Professional sports websites need to deliver the amazing video content that Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook do so well. With Stories, now they can!

Story 5 - Score-A-Goal Games

People love games, especially if they’re easy to play and have a reward! Stories let you bring interactive games to your website that involve beating a goalie (for Soccer or Hockey fans) or dodging players (for Football fans). Use these games to deliver discounts, collect emails or convince visitors to like your social media pages!

wolrdcup score a goal game

Story 6 - Video Highlights

Have you ever wanted to see the top plays of Lebron’s career when visiting his profile on a sports website? What about checking out the highlights of the new rookies entering the draft? Delivering video content to bring a better experience to your users has never been easier - just use a story, link areas to video content you’ve created (or YouTube) and now your visitors can easily find the content they want instead of leaving your site!

nfl video highlights


The publishing industry has undergone massive amounts of change in the past decade. The rise of online media forced giants in the publishing world to adapt quickly or compete with up-and-coming content creators.

Story 7 - Advertisement Monetization

With the creation of ad-block, publishers have been forced to get creative with the ways they monetize their content. Do you force ad-block users to disable in order to read your content (like Forbes does), or simply appeal to a readers humanity to convince them to whitelist your website in order to support the writers? Why not test both with a Story, see which method drives the best result and monetize on the maximum number of visitors on your site?!

adblock detecting story

Story 8 - Promoted Content

The alternative to succumbing to Adblock is Native advertising. However, apart from randomized click-based article creators like Taboola, historically it’s been difficult to convince brands to advertise with publishers. This is because it’s almost impossible to prove the results you’re driving while keeping ads relevant to your content. With Stories, you can allow partners to showcase their videos, products and related articles on the content of their choosing and let them access their analytics. This will show them the number of additional individuals they’re reaching thanks to your website!

promoted content story

All of these creations were built from a user experience design interface called Aiva. Tell your website's Story today!

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