4 Conversion Tactics to Kickstart Your Sales for the New Year

This holiday season was redefined by mobile shopping. Business owners are constantly trying to find the best way to improve website engagement, conversion and sales. Last year, the wave of online shoppers (yes, online only) spent $5.03 Billion on Black Friday and a $6.59 Billion on Cyber Monday!

A record-breaking $2 billion in sales were made via smart phones which is a 40% increase over last year - indicating the gap between mobile traffic & revenue is closing.

Capitalize on the biggest spending events of the year! This guide includes tips & tricks to successfully convert your website traffic in 2019.

Traffic Alone Is Not Enough

If you’ve created great ads that drive traffic to your site, kudos! But it’s only half of the equation. As soon as your customers hit your homepage, you now have the opportunity to start building excitement about your brand and moving them towards your products or services. Bring some magic to your website and encourage your visitors to get into the spending mood!

Getting Conversion Ready For The New Year

Prepare and Plan. It’s a good idea to know which products/services you will be discounting, how much the offer will be, when the sale will start, and when it will end. To optimize results, try upselling items at opportune times and bundling top sellers into packages.

Create the (Visual) Offer. You’ve got an awesome sale offer, but does anyone know about it? Even after you did a kickass email marketing blast to advertising to your audience, do they know where to go, or what to do when they land on your site?

Enhance the customer experience by using strategically timed and placed overlay campaigns on your website. These eye-catching experiences will engage your shoppers with personalized designs at opportune times!

Not entirely sure where to start when it comes to designing an overlay campaign to improve ecommerce sales? Worry no more, Aiva strives to make this as easy as possible with their flexible campaign building tool.

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

Tactic #1: The Flash Sale (Instant Promotions)

This is the simplest and most widely used of all campaigns. The idea is to have a message launch almost instantly when a visitor lands on your site, making it virtually impossible to miss. This way you can direct traffic to your most compelling offer immediately by invoking the fear of missing out (FOMO)

Key elements for running a flash sale on your site include:

1) Basic Targeting. Target everyone! Old and new visitors should see the message at least once a day.

2) Clear Offer. The offer should be the focal point of your message. If there are restrictions try including them subtly in the design without overwhelming the offer.

3) Simple Design. Contrasting colours and simplicity of design will make it easy for a visitor to digest quickly and take action. Avoid cluttering the design with unnecessary images or text. Remember KISS (keep it simple stupid)!

4) Strong Call to Action. There should only be one. Hicks Law, a design principle, states providing too many options deters user experience as it increases the time to make a decision.

5) Start and End Date. This could be a date or a time range, or both! For example, you can set a campaign to appear from 8 AM to 10 PM, weekend only.

Easily schedule campaigns with Aiva to set up flash sales in advance, so you can sit back and relax instead of worrying about your website!

Tactic #2: Giveaway Campaigns

People love free shit. It's no wonder that giveaway campaigns are the highest converting overlay type, period.

A useful hack to holding a giveaway contest without impacting your bottom line is to not give away your best selling products. Otherwise, it's unlikely visitors will purchase the item from your website in hopes of winning. The highest ROI generating giveaways bundle together accessories that jazz up the product - a nice add-on, instead of the core offering.

Spice up these flash sales and giveaways with countdowns! Encourage procrastinating visitors to make a decision now using a ticking clock.

Ready to sky-rocket your email collection? Just follow in the footsteps of GNC Canada who collected 600+ emails in a week (17% conversion rate) or Oneiric Hockey who have seen a 300% boost in email capture after installing Aiva!

Tactic #3: The Free Shipping Offer

If you don’t already offer free shipping, consider it. According to Kissmetrics, free shipping can raise a company's net profit by 30% if done correctly.

“66% of online shoppers have decided NOT to buy an item because of shipping costs.” (Source: BigCommerce)

If you’re still not sure, then add a minimum order value. In general, customers are willing to spend more money rather than pay an additional amount for shipping.

Tactic #4: Cart Abandonment Campaigns

As an online retailer there is nothing more frustrating than knowing a visitor simply decided to walk away at the last moment.

By targeting your checkout pages and triggering based on user behavior, you can design a captivating message with the goal of saving the sale. A campaign could appear when visitors show intent of leaving and read something like, “Wait! Complete your order now and save 10% off your purchase”. Don't like giving out discounts? Instead, try prompting visitors to purchase after they've read a testimonial that slides in after 10 seconds of inactivity.

This speaks directly to what the visitor is experiencing and adds an extra incentive to purchase now, ensuring you're taking your best shot to make a sale, every time.

Gift-Wrapping It Up

Considering that the holiday season accounts for more sales than Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day combined, retailers should strive to provide the best experience possible to their customers year-round. With 2019 being the year to make data driven decisions, 'tis the season to optimize your conversion!

A happy customer who enjoys a pleasant interaction with your website today, will undoubtedly return in the future. So even if you have short-term goals in mind, think about the potential long-term gains as well.

Setting up a website offer/eccomerce deal can take less than a few minutes and make tons more money.

Promote your 2019 sales with gorgeous visuals at key moments of a visitor journey through Aiva’s powerful builder. For a limited time, get a free design! Consider it our New Year gift to you!

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